Animal movement analyses: A to Z, with lots of R

The BES Movement Ecology Special Interest Group (SIG) workshop for graduate students and postdocs on methods to analyse movement data

Marie Auger-Méthé (University of British Columbia)
Luca Börger (Swansea University)
Garrett Street (Mississippi State University)

This Movement Ecology SIG week-long workshop will immerse participants in the methodology needed to analyse movement data. We will be presenting methods ranging from simple visualisation techniques to advance statistical models. For example, we will introduce participants to home range estimators, habitat selection techniques, and models to identify behaviours and handle measurement errors. We will also cover accelerometry and how it can be used in dead reckoning and behavioural studies. The workshop will be focused on hands-on tutorial sessions, where the participants will apply the techniques to real data using R and will have the opportunity to try the methods on their own datasets.

Registration fees (in Canadian dollars):
Local (do not require accommodation): $35 + tax (~£19.43 + tax)
Non-local: $110 + tax (~£61.08 + tax)
There is a $10 discount for members from the Biodiversity Research Centre and from the British Ecological Society.
These fees will cover the workshop fees, accommodation for those that request it, and some of the additional perks (e.g. coffee breaks).

This workshop will be open to 25 participants. Priority will be given to graduate students and postdocs with enough knowledge of R to be able to import movement data in R and do simple movement analyses.

Because we have limited places, please send a short ~200 words description of why you are interested in participating in this workshop to Marie Auger-Méthé (auger-methe@stat.ubc.caby April 19 2018. In addition, please indicate whether you are a graduate student or postdoc and describe your experience in R in one or two sentences.