Aquatic Ecology Group – Temporary Stream Workshop

Building on our 2016 workshop, this event will examine the current status of temporary watercourses, and will consider appropriate approaches to monitoring, management, and restoration.


Rivers and streams with intermittent or ephemeral flow are distinctive systems that are predicted to become more widespread and face increasing pressures as a result of human activities such as water resource use, and climate change. They support high biodiversity, provide essential ecosystem services and are functionally a part of wider river networks and groundwater systems.

The meeting will feature an invited keynote presentation from Dr Thibault Datry (IRSTEA, Lyon, France), whose research focuses on intermittent river ecology, with a particular emphasis on how flow intermittence influences aquatic and terrestrial community and metacommunity dynamics at multiple spatial and temporal scales. He chairs the EU COST Action Science and Management of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (SMIRES) and previously led the IRBAS project on biodiversity in intermittent rivers.

Our second keynote speaker is Dr Petr Paril (Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic). Petr will present the BIODROUGHT project, an extensive Central European research initiative using taxonomic and functional aspects of aquatic macroinvertebrate communities as bioindicators of recent dry phases in temporary rivers and streams. The BIODROUGHT method has developed metrics based on perennial and intermittent bioindicator taxa, selected species traits, and community composition to indicate the occurrence and extent of dry phases; these metrics provide useful tools for the practical management of freshwater resources.

Posters & Talks

Those interested in contributing a paper or poster should email Judy England ( by Friday 28th February 2017 with a 200-word abstract, including the title and the names and institutions of the contributing authors.


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