Aquatic Macroecology Meeting

Aquatic and Macroecology SIG joint event on macroecological approaches into the study of aquatic ecosystems


The main focus of this meeting is to foster the integration of macroecological approaches into the study of aquatic ecosystems. Most predictions about how aquatic systems respond to environmental change require a deep understanding of patterns and processes at different scales. A great deal of what is known about the key processes operating in aquatic systems arises from small-scale empirical and/or experimental studies. The growing interest in integrating macroecological approaches to advance our knowledge about aquatic systems makes this an emerging and exciting topic. We anticipate that the meeting will attract ecologists covering a range of different approaches from mesocosms experiments to large-scale surveys of aquatic biodiversity.

Keynote speakers:

  • Florian Altermatt
  • Miguel Araújo
  • Amanda Bates
  • Mike Burrows
  • William Cheung
  • Maria Dornelas
  • Michel Loreau
  • Juliet Blanchard and Luc De Meester.

The meeting is jointly organised by the BES Aquatic Ecology and BES Macroecology Special Interest groups, with additional support from the Marine Ecosystems Research Programme.

Registration is now live!