BES Aquatic SIG Free Workshop: Temporary Rivers and Streams 2018

Valuing dynamic aquatic-terrestrial ecosystems #BESaquatic

Temporary rivers are those in which water sometimes stops flowing, and many also experience partial or complete loss of surface water. Common but undervalued, temporary rivers shift between aquatic and terrestrial states to support high biodiversity and perform natural functions that underpin unique ecosystem service provision. At risk from interacting water resource, climate change and land use pressures, our temporary rivers require sensitive management to mitigate stressor impacts while maintaining natural intermittence regimes. Building on our 2016 and 2017 events, this third national meeting will explore temporary rivers as dynamic ecosystems in which transitions between wet and dry states allow habitat ‘time-sharing’ by aquatic and terrestrial communities. Our keynote speakers reflect this twin aquatic-terrestrial focus:

Jeremy Biggs is the Director the of Freshwater Habitats Trust, a conservation charity whose mission it is to protect life in freshwaters. Jeremy’s research underpins evidence-informed FHT policies and action plans. His research highlights the value of small water bodies, including the biodiversity and ecosystem services supported by perennial and temporary headwater streams.

Jon Webb is a Principal Specialist at Natural England. His expertise encompasses a wide range of invertebrate communities, including those in aquatic-terrestrial habitats such as temporary ponds, riparian zones and wetland edges. He played a key role in the development of the Pantheon database, and his presentation will explore how this online tool can analyse such communities and their habitats.

We also welcome key speakers to celebrate the publication of a Natural Capital Synthesis Report funded by the Valuing Nature Programme, The natural capital of temporary rivers: characterising the value of dynamic aquatic‐terrestrial habitats. Co-authored by UK researchers from across industry and academia, this evidence-informed report has been produced to share research highlighting the value of temporary rivers with a wide range of stakeholders.

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Registration deadline 18th June 2018

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