BES Move 2018 – Annual Meeting and Workshop of the BES Movement Ecology Special Interest Group

Each year we aim to bring together researchers from this broad interdisciplinary field, to discuss and present novel advancements in technology, methods and theory. We welcome participants from all career stages.

The BES Movement Ecology SIG formed in 2016 and we are a group of biologists, ecologists, computer scientists and mathematicians. Our aim is to act as a central forum to attract researchers from within and outside the discipline of ecology and biosciences, and provide opportunities for discussions. Join us for our 2nd Annual Meeting and Workshop in Swansea.

Registration is now open with a deadline of  06 July 12:00 (BST).

Key note talks:

  • Juan Morales (INIBIOMA-Conicet, Argentina): “Challenges and opportunities in linking animal movement to ecological processes”
  • Emily Shepard (Swansea University, UK): “Flight costs and strategies”
  • Simon Benhamou (CEFE-CNRS, France): “Scale and bridge: two key concepts for analysing movement data”
  • Urska Demsar (University of St Andrews, UK): “Context-aware Movement Analytics“
  • Hannah Williams (Swansea University, UK): “The power of magneto(metry)”
  • Christian Rutz (University of St Andrews, UK): “Video- and proximity-loggers for wild birds”
  • Rory Wilson (Swansea University, UK): “From discerning snacks to mapping banquets; why understanding food ingestion is important”

Talks and Posters

There will be slots for talks (3-5 min) and space for posters at the meeting. Please include an approximate title (you can change it later) when registering and send also an email to


We will hold a workshop on “Linking biologging technology to biological questions and data analysis methods”.

Biologging technology and software showcase

As part of our aim to connect hardware and software producers to the researchers using the technology, there will be a place for a producer to showcase and demonstrate its products.

Social events

Coffee-breaks, a long lunch and poster session, and a beach BBQ will provide ample opportunities for discussions and socializing.

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