Capturing Ecology Exhibition: Hidden Worlds

Come along to our exhibition showcasing the winners of our photographic competition, Capturing Ecology, at the wonderful Ulster Museum in Belfast!

A Madagascan tree boa wrapped around a tree with the text 'Capturing Ecology: Hidden Worlds' next to it
Red night - Roberto García Roa

Each year, our photographic competition ‘Capturing Ecology’ attracts hundreds of incredible images from our members around the world. This year, the winners will be on display at Ulster Museum in Belfast to coincide with Northern Ireland Science Festival; a festival that celebrates all science, technology, engineering, and maths.

Come and explore the hidden natural worlds all around us, with ecologists working to uncover their secrets and help nature and people thrive. There are all kinds of hidden connections between us and the natural world, waiting to be revealed. Join us in finding out what they are, where to find them, and how you can get involved in preserving them.

From micro mushrooms, to fluorescent scorpions, a whole hidden world awaits!

Cost: Free!

Opening times:

The exhibition will run from 11 February to 22 March.

Ulster Museum opening times can be found on their website here.

A three-toed sloth making it's way across the road in the rain
Why did the sloth cross the road? - Andrew Whitworth

“There were many striking images in this years finalists, well done to all!” – Laura Dyer, Judge

“This year’s winning image certainly has the ‘wow factor’ “ – Matt Doggett, Judge

“From the Birch forests in Belarus to the darting rivers of northern India, the 2019 British Ecological Society (BES) photo competition winners delicately capture the “vibrancy and intimate detail” of the world around us” – IFL Science