Connecting primary school aged children with ecology – the power of sport and beyond!

The BES are excited to be partnering with Leicester City Football Club through their charitable foundation ‘Leicester City in the Community’ to understand how ecologists can connect with younger audiences.

Pupils take part in a game to learn more about UK biodiversity.

Date: Training held on Tues 2nd March 9:30 – 11:30 GMT

Format of delivery: Two hour Zoom webinar. An optional Zoom networking and Q&A session will follow for those wanting to learn more, meet others, or develop their ideas further.

Optional: Sign up to participate in digital schools outreach events during British Science Week March 5th – 14th

Who is it for: Anyone interested in beginning to develop their communication skills with primary-school aged children (7-11yrs), or wanting to gain new insights into developing hands-on activities to engage audiences. This is not intended for those with greater experience in schools outreach. Available to both BES members and non-members.

How much is it: Free!

How do I sign up: Sign ups for this event closed 1st March 09:00.


What to expect from the training workshop

  • How do we communicate ecology and our careers to primary aged children?
  • How do we engage young individuals who aren’t normally bothered about science?
  • Why aren’t I using interactive things like footballs and model ski slopes?!

In this two hour webinar, Dr Alex Evans of Leicester City Football Club’s education team will share how to communicate your research and career to primary school aged children, and how to develop activities to make connections and find common interests – this will include the ‘grow your own football pitch’ activity as well as using paper planes to demonstrate bird flight and evolution!

The principles and examples will be generalisable to all interests – so you certainly don’t have to be sporty to attend.

Structure of the webinar:

(1) Pitching your work to younger audiences: 

Translate your jargon into accessible and even school syllabus supported language, to ensure you pitch your talk at the right level for 7-11 year old children and capture their attention.

(2) Getting interactive: activities for reaching indifferent individuals and finding common ground

Explore case studies of interactive activities communicating ecology and wider science which you can use yourself, and use as a basis for developing your own activities.

(3) Organising your own schools events

Now you’ve got the careers talk and activity skills, how can you approach schools to share? This final section will give top tips on finding opportunities and project managing, including all the necessary teacher workload, paperwork and safeguarding issues you’ll need to consider.

Training provider: Dr Alex Evans – Leicester City Football Club, STEM and Outdoor Learning Coordinator

Dr Alex Evans is a science educator with a research background in zoology and wildlife conservation. He started developing and delivering STEM workshops while completing his PhD in animal flight physiology in 2018 and has been a member of the Leicester City in the Community education team ever since. He is also a science journalist and speaker that recently tried his hand at comedy with a stand-up show all about pigeons.

Alex promises to bring his Zoology background to good use in this free digital training workshop.

You can see Alex in action with LCFC’s Primary School work here:

Schools Outreach demonstration opportunities:

Attendees of the training will be able to sign up to deliver short, 30 minute digital schools engagement sessions during British Science Week (March 5th – 14th) led by Alex and the Leicester City Football Club staff!

You will also get the chance to work with, Alex, giving his interactive digital outreach sessions as an extra development opportunity or even deliver his or your own talk and activity.

No prior experience is necessary, and you can contribute by giving either:

  • Short talk about you career and ecology
  • Interactive activity to get pupils involved

For more information, please contact