Ecology in Agriculture: Lessons from the UK and India

For agricultural ecologists who would like to build research collaborations between India and the UK

Agricultural Ecology Special Interest Group

The UK-India Agricultural Ecology Initiative will host a two-day conference Ecology in Agriculture: lessons from the UK and India. Bringing together leading scientists from India and the UK, the event will facilitate an exciting exchange of ideas and develop strategic collaboration through structured workshops. This meeting will:

• Enable networking and knowledge exchange
• Build consortia for research collaboration and funding applications

This two-day conference will comprise four academic sessions and a short field trip in the UK. Drawing on the priority research topics identified by delegates in an earlier meeting and subsequent discussions between attendees, the sessions will each comprise six talks, on the topics of:

• Landscape scale ecology
• Ecosystem services
• Policy
• Community engagement and participatory research

Speakers include: Dave Goulson (Sussex University); Mark Ramsden (ADAS); Parthiba Basu (Calcutta University); Shantanu Jha (State Agricultural University, West Bengal)
Regina Sharmila Dass (Pondicherry University);
Rajeswari S. Raina Shiv Nadar University, Delhi;
G. V. Ramanjaneyulu – Centre for Sustainable Agriculture; Anshuman Das Welthungerhilfe
Gurbir Bhullar, FiBL Switzerland; Sujana Krishnamoorthy Under The Mango Tree