Establishing a career in conservation science: a ZSL/BES early career event

Interested in a career in conservation science? Our BES Conservation SIG/ZSL Early Career Workshop may be for you.

A person holds a sea turtle and an egg

This one day event, organised by the Zoological Society of London and supported by the British Ecological Society’s Conservation SIG is aimed principally at advanced PhD students and early post-docs.

The day will be structured around a series of talks and tasks facilitated by experts in their field, designed to promote active learning experiences and maximise networking opportunities for all.

Topics will include:

  • applying for an academic position
  • understanding funding options
  • working outside academia
  • building an online profile/disseminating research outputs

Delegates will have an opportunity to hear about the career paths of researchers who work both in and outside academia. The day will conclude with a short workshop on scientific writing, providing tips on how to choose among possible journals and discussing the peer-review and publication process.

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