History and Heritage of the Bogs and Peatlands of Cumbria and surrounding areas

This 2-day event addresses the remarkable but under-appreciated History & Heritage of Cumbria Peat Bogs, and will appeal to researchers and academics, conservation practitioners, educators, and local enthusiasts.

This event explores the fascinating but under-appreciated history and cultural aspects of peat bogs in and around Cumbria and the surrounding areas. It will involve and engage local people as well as professionals, and there will be a published volume from the event.

The meeting will suit all those interested in peat bogs, peat landscapes, and their history, heritage and restoration.

Day 1

1) Keeley Spate, Natural England, Setting the scene with the current restoration projects;
2) Andre Berry, Natural England, Introduction to hand peat cutting tools and techniques and the landscapes they created;
3) David Harpley, Cumbria Wildlife Trust, A History of Foulshaw Moss;
4) Richard Lindsay, University of East London, Land-use change on Cumbria raised bogs from 1840
to the present and changing understanding of raised bogs and conservation;
5) Ian Rotherham, Sheffield Hallam University;
6) Bill Shannon, Angerton Moss: A peat resource from the 13th to the 20th century;
7) Chris Spencer, Solway Wetlands Partnership (now Solway Coast AONB) Remembering the Solway;

Day 2

1) Frank Mawby, formerly English Nature, The History of the Solway Mosses;
2) Ann Lingard, Solway Wetlands Landscape Crossing the Moss – The Railway across Bowness Moss. Field trip to the Solway Mosses

For further details please email: info@hallamec.plus.com