Incredible Creatures

Come and see the BES immersive exhibition, Incredible Creatures, at New Scientist Live this October!

The silhouette of a stag beetle on a leaf

Incredible Creatures: every animal has a story to tell…

We’ve partnered up with New Scientist Live to create an inspiring, educational experience showcasing exceptional images that give insight into the incredible creatures of the world.

Be transported into tangled jungle, deep beneath ocean waves, and into the darkest night where creatures prowl. Experience the sights and sounds (and sometimes smells) of the most spectacular wildlife we share our world with.

Within this immersive exhibition, you will also meet the ecologists who work to uncover the secret lives of animals, and discover how we can all help to solve the biggest challenges facing our natural world.

Come along to New Scientist Live this October to check out our exhibition, and many, many others. And don’t forget, if you’re a member of the BES then you can get a 10% discount! Get in touch with Chris to claim your discount code, and get your ticket on the New Scientist Live website here.


Get involved: we want to share you stories!

Wildlife photographer? Fieldwork selfie-taker? Smartphone filmmaker? To give our visitors insights into the secret lives of animals (and the ecologists that work on them) we will be teaming up with the New Scientist Live team to share your stories online and beyond! We want facts, photos, videos, blogs and more celebrating the Incredible Creatures you work with, why it’s so important to study ecology, and your advice on how to become an ecologist!

Please email Georgina to get involved!


You can also share your #IncredibleCreatures stories, photos and videos with @BritishEcolSoc on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook!