Insects Revealed Digital Exhibition

This digital exhibition will transport you to a virtual gallery to explore the intricate beauty of insects, the little things that run the world.

Shown in exquisite detail using high magnification photography, what will you discover?

Welcome to ‘Insects Revealed’

Curated by and featuring the amazing photography of Ed Hall, this exhibition is taking place as part of Insect Week 2022, the Royal Entomological Society’s celebration of insects and entomological science. Check out some of the other exciting digital events taking place during this year’s festival 20-26th June on the Insect Week website.

Our virtual exhibition is best explored on your computer or laptop. To explore the platform in full definition, click the menu in the top right to enter fullscreen.

You can click on the images and caption signs on the walls to zoom in.




Our Curator and Photographer

Ed Hall, Photographer: “I am a photographer and science communicator. I work to photograph and exhibit natural history collections to bring people closer to the natural world through exhibiting the amazing creatures that live around us.”

Why create this exhibition? Ed: “I think insects are fascinating. They inhabit an alien world that we get the chance to explore. Every time I do I find out something new. They truly are the little things that run the world, and are so important for the health of every ecosystem around the planet.”

See more of Ed’s amazing photography on his professional MacroPro Photography website: