Integrating knowledge and approaches across microbiomes: from plants to humans and soil to sea

This one-day cross society meeting (British Ecological Society, Microbiology Society and Society for Applied Microbiology) will discuss approaches and findings from microbiome research across a broad suite of environments and hosts.

Given that all multicellular organisms support a microbiome, this complex metagenome has the potential to unite organismal, evolutionary and ecological biologists from traditionally disjunct areas of research. As more biologists become interested in the function and influence of the microbiome, there is significant potential for knowledge exchange between researchers working in this area. The aim of this one-day meeting, jointly hosted by the British Ecological Society, the Microbiology Society and the Society for Applied Microbiology, is to discuss approaches and findings from across a broad suite of environments and hosts.

We will hear keynote addresses from the following speakers:

  • Dr Thorunn Helgason, University of York
  • Dr Petra Louis, The Rowett Institute, University of Aberdeen
  • Prof Penny Hirsch, Rothamsted Research
  • Dr Matthew Ryan, Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI)

You can download the full programme here.

Registration is now closed.

After the event, we will head across the road to The Blue Lion Inn to continue our discussions of all things microbiome, hopefully in the sunshine.

This event will coincide with the launch of the Microbiome Methods Forum: a microbiome wet lab and bioinformatics forum developed by the BES Microbial Ecology Special Interest Group. This will act as an open and interactive portal for microbiome research, for anyone to contribute and make use of. We welcome contributions from attendees and others (please contact for more information).