An introduction to Bayesian approaches in Macroecology

Join the Macro SIG for their workshop on Bayesian approaches to common problems in ecology

A sky view of some wetlands

The BES Macro Special Interest Group are hosting an introduction course on Bayesian statistics at the National University of Ireland, Galway. This event will introduce attendees to Bayesian statistics and how they are commonly applied in the fields of Ecology and Macroecology.

This course will be run over two days, and through talks and hands on sessions, will introduce attendees to the philosophy behind Bayesian statistics and how it is applied to commonly used models such as GLMs, mixed effects models and comparative methods.  It will be run by

This course is aimed towards beginners to the topic of Bayesian Statistics and will be mainly taught using R. A basic knowledge of R and statistics (a basic understanding of linear models such as GLMs) is required.

The workshop will be run by:

  • Dr Kevin Healy (National University of Ireland, Galway)
  • Dr Ruth Kelly (Trinity College Dublin)
  • Dr Andrew Jackson (Trinity College Dublin)

Preliminary Programme

  • Day 1 (Morning): Introduction to Bayesian theory
  • Day 1 (Afternoon): Introduction to linear modelling using MCMCglmm
  • Day 2 (Morning): Mixed models and beyond using MCMCglmm
  • Day 2 (Afternoon): Introduction to JAGS


Please note, this event has now sold out.