Learning the Science with the Citizens

Our Citizen Science Special Interest Group workshop for anyone interested in citizen science, volunteers and coordinators alike

Citizen Science Special Interest Group

Join us for a fun and engaging day of hands-on activities, to challenge everyone to change perspective. Anyone with an interest in citizen science can join us for this informal workshop full of opportunities to think a bit differently.

The aim of this workshop is to discuss, explore and share how we create, deliver and communicate citizen science. It will bring together citizen science practitioners (including project coordinators, NGOs and academic institutions) alongside volunteers and participants from a range of current projects.

The workshop will run from 09:00 on 19 November, but there will also be a workshop dinner, reception and pub quiz the night before to get to know each other, and everyone is welcome to join for this optional session.

There are a limited number of travel and accommodation bursaries to support citizen science volunteers or students to attend this workshop: please email cocoast@sams.ac.uk to find out more.

This one-day workshop is organised by the British Ecological Society Citizen Science Special Interest Group, in partnership with the Capturing our Coast marine citizen science project team.