Long term experiments and observations – supporting their survival

Join the Forest SIG for an opportunity to exchange ideas on what has worked previously to keep long-term experiments and observations running.

While there is widespread recognition of the value of long-term studies, the nature of UK research funding (both from research councils and institutes and agencies) makes it difficult to secure the ‘long-thin’ support needed to maintain these experiments and observations. Frequently there is, at any one time, one key person who keeps a particular show on the road. This meeting is an opportunity for such people to meet and share experiences. Many of the outputs from these studies end up as publications in the BES Journals and we believe that the BES is uniquely placed to be support the meeting.

The nature of ecological systems is such that 5, 10, 50 years may be needed to detect change and responses either in experimental or observational studies. This is beyond the typical funding available through research councils and the like. Others have made this point and although it is particularly pertinent to woodland studies it is not confined to them. Various grassland studies have been maintained over decades, largely on a wing and a prayer.

This meeting is not expected to come up with a simple answer as to how to keep such studies going – if there was one others would have found it by now! Rather we see this as an opportunity to exchange ideas that have worked in particular circumstances (or those that did not!) and to celebrate the unique insights that these studies can offer.

Deadline to register is 20 October.

For any more information please contact Keith Kirby.

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