Making Brexit work for ecology and conservation science

This high profile scientific evening will highlight the key role UK science plays in helping our society address current and upcoming environmental challenges.

British Ecological Society image of a magnifying glass and flower

Climate change is one of the many critical environmental issues for science and innovation that the government needs to consider when it enters into its negotiations. This event will make the point that the UK already possesses a world-class scientific community capable of informing governmental decisions in the face of environmental uncertainty and willing to help: it will argue that this national asset needs to be protected and the interests of science and the environment are not lost in the noise of the wider immigration, sovereignty and trade debates.


Dr Sarah Main, Director, Campaign for Science & Engineering

Professor Sir John Beddington FRS, Senior Adviser at the Oxford Martin School; previously UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser (2008–2013)

Professor Sue Hartley, University of York; President, British Ecological Society

Dr Elaine King, Director, Wildlife and Countryside Link

Organised by the Zoological Society of London in partnership with the British Ecological Society Conservation Special Interest Group, the Campaign for Science and Engineering and Wildlife and Countryside Link.


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£5 full price, £4 ZSL Fellows/members