Making natural capital data meaningful

10:30 – 13:00, Free
A Natural Capital Initiative event

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There is a wealth of data and mapping regarding our natural capital – but how useful is this data to local decision makers who want to take natural capital into account?What information do they need? What tools are useful, and what underpinning data is needed for these tools?

The previous Environment Secretary, Liz Truss, outlined a vision of individuals being given greater information, tools and capability to contribute to their local environment, and communities having the wherewithal to make local decisions. Defra and the Natural Capital Committee are developing frameworks for decision-making, with a number of pioneer projects under development.

This meeting aims to bring together data users and data producers to ascertain what they key challenges and opportunities are in making natural capital data meaningful and useable, and how to overcome them.  We anticipate that this will be an initial exploratory meeting, with follow on dialogue session(s) to explore the highlighted issues in more detail.

Confirmed speakers include Henri Brocklebank, Sussex Wildlife Trust, Strategy Lead, Living Landscapes and the Sussex Biodiversity Record Centre; Alessandro Gimona, Spatial Ecologist and Geographer in the Information and Computational Sciences team at the James Hutton Institute; and Lisa Norton, Head of Land Use Group, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

Additional speakers to be confirmed.

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