Virtual Workshop – Science Communication and Writing

Join the Palaeoecology SIG for a virtual workshop on science communication, with specialist training for palaeoecologists on writing for a broad ecological audience.

A close-up view of a tree trunk showing its rings

Writing for non-specialist audiences is an increasingly important skill for academic and non-academic careers, but there are relatively few opportunities to learn to write for wider audiences. This workshop aims to: (1) provide training and practice in writing effectively about palaeoecological research for non-specialist audiences, and (2) produce accessible summaries of 50 influential palaeoecology articles.

The workshop will focus on practical skills development to produce short, effective summaries of a selection of key papers representing influential and/or innovative research in palaeoecology. A major barrier to better integration between palaeoecology and other parts of ecology as well as potential users is lack of understanding by non-specialists of the potential and scope of palaeoecological research, so making important works quickly accessible will help lower this barrier. The summaries produced during the workshop will be disseminated via a weekly blog maintained by PalaeoSIG, with all contributors acknowledged. This will provide a learning resource to aid communication of palaeoecological science. The workshop will be led by facilitators from The Conversation and will also include time for participants to apply lessons learned to their own writing. We welcome attendees from other SIGs to help improve mutual communication!

The papers used in the workshop are being identified in advance by asking all palaeoecologists to help identify 50 influential papers. Email Althea Davies if you want details of how to contribute.


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