Peatlands SIG: Peatlands for Birds: Fens, Mires and Bogs: re-constructing peat landscapes in uplands and lowlands

Our event brings together researchers, conservation practitioners, agencies, landowners and managers, and others to discuss critical issues of the re-construction of peat habitats from fens to bogs and mires for birds.

This conference, one of the Wilder Visions series taking place over the next few years, will address key issues of how Britain’s peatlands could or should be managed and restored to provide future resilient, sustainable habitats at landscape levels. The event is organised with the Peatlands Special Interest Group (SIG) by SYBRG and Sheffield Hallam University. Bringing together landowners, managers, practitioners and key academics, this major national conference is relates to wider international issues, too. It will examine ecology and conservation for restoring upland and lowland peatlands specifically, for birds. Partners include JBA Consulting, the Thorne and Hatfield Moors Conservation Forum, the RSPB and others.

We invite offers of spoken and poster presentations from across Britain and beyond from a broad range of professionals, landowners, agencies and researchers to reflect the many interests, activities and projects now taking place in these remarkable habitats. Offers of papers can be emailed to us by 31 March 2017; early submission recommended to avoid disappointment.

Offers of support and sponsorship across the three days: please contact Christine Handley via email or telephone (0114 2724227) to discuss. If you wish to be put on our mailing list or to offer support or a poster presentation, please email or telephone.

For Ideas & Discussion: The event is chaired by Professor Ian Rotherham of Sheffield Hallam University. Please contact Ian Rotherham if you want to discuss ideas or participation in this important event.

More information, booking forms and programme updates, visit the UKEconet website.