What Capability Brown did for Ecology: the legacy for biodiversity, landscapes, and nature conservation

The BES Peatlands SIG is delighted to bring this event with The Biodiversity and Landscape History Research Institute, South Yorkshire Biodiversity Research Group, and the Landscape Conservation Forum. Partners includes the Ancient Tree Forum, Historic England, Natural England, and Sheffield Hallam University.

This national conference is being organised to celebrate the tercentenary of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.  The event will bring together ecologists, landscape historians and archaeologists, land managers and conservationists to look critically at the impact of Brown and the landscape school, which followed. The conference will consider issues around the legacy of Brown’s creations and ideas and the repercussions that are still apparent today. It will make for a thought-provoking and rich discussion over the three days, covering habitat conservation and creation, to drainage and the release of alien species. Issues will include veteran trees, and rare species including bats, lichens, and waxcap fungi. The conference will include a field visit, poster presentations and displays.

How to book:

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