Pie and a Pint night: urban greenspace – space for nature and people?

The BES Scottish Policy Group and ESCom Scotland are jointly organising a Pie and a Pint to discuss if urban greenspace provide space for nature and people?

The meadows, Edinburgh Lawerence OP

The event takes from between 16.30-19.30  in Edinburgh University’s  School of Geosciences, Old Library, Geography Building, Drummond Street, Edinburgh EH8 9XP



Urban greenspace can provide islands of habitat for many species. It also delivers a number of health and well-being benefits to people, such as reducing run-off and providing access to nature nearby to the homes of a growing majority of people living in towns and cities. However, the type, quality and quantity of urban greenspace vary within and between cities.

We would like to invite you to the first joint BES Scottish Policy Group and ESCom Scotland event, where we’ll be discussing whether urban greenspace in Scotland is meeting our social, economic and biodiversity needs. Are the provision and management of greenspace on track to contribute to the delivery of our Biodiversity 2020 priority aims?

  • Protecting and restoring biodiversity, and supporting healthier ecosystems.
  • Connecting people with the natural world, for their health and wellbeing and involving them more in decisions about their environment.
  • Maximising the benefits for Scotland of a diverse natural environment and the services it provides, contributing to sustainable economic growth.

Interested in joining us for this pie and a pint night? We encourage a diverse mix of attendees from a variety of organisations and backgrounds. If the pie and a pint aren’t enough to tempt you, there will be flash talks from a range of experts involved in urban greenspace research, policy and planning, and a chance for you to have your say in a fun, informal setting.

BES members can get in touch with Camilla Morrison-Bell to apply for travel funding.

If you have any queries about the event please contact Chloe Bellamy for more information