Plant Soil Ecosystems SIG: EcoSummit 2016 – Plant-Soil Feedbacks: Bridging Natural and Agricultural Sciences

The conference session ‘Plant-Soil Feedbacks: Bridging Natural and Agricultural Sciences’ is organized by Pierre Mariotte and Paul Kardol and will be held on Wednesday 31st August

Plant species vary greatly in their influence on soil biota, which in turn can positively or negatively feed back to plant performance. Plant–soil feedback has become an important concept in explaining vegetation dynamics, species invasions and in understanding how natural ecosystems respond to global changes in land use and climate. In agricultural systems, plant–soil feedbacks may lead to nutrient depletion and the buildup of soil pathogens, often resulting in major declines in crop productivity. Surprisingly, research in natural and agricultural systems has developed largely independent of one another. This lack of integration persists despite the potential for natural systems knowledge to facilitate the development of sustainable agricultural practices in a constantly changing world. This session will bring together some of the leading researchers of the field to provide an overview of the current state of knowledge on plant-soil feedbacks, bridging natural and agricultural sciences, and discussing avenues for research toward an ecologically sustainable future.

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