Plant, Soils, Ecosytems SIG: We need to talk about Nitrogen

Our workshop in association with Plantlife

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The effects of nitrogen deposition on ecosystems from the atmosphere are significant yet still poorly recognised in environmental policy across the UK. Current scientific evidence demonstrates clear and widespread impacts, including species loss, changes in soil chemistry and habitat degradation as a result of increased nitrogen deposition.

This workshop, organised by Plantlife with support from the British Ecological Society, will bring together key scientists, policy makers and practitioners from across the UK. Our objectives are to:

  1. Translate the science and evidence into practical action to mitigate the known impacts of nitrogen deposition on the natural environment;
  2. Address current barriers in tackling these issues;
  3. Make specific recommendations for the necessary policy drivers and mechanisms.

Dr. Bill Bealey from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology will give an introductory presentation, followed by case studies and presentations from other experts in the field. A detailed agenda and format will be available shortly.

To book your place at the workshop, please email Julia Clements at Plantlife