Science Behind the Fiction: Screening of ‘The Thing’

Join us for a showing of the 80s cult classic ‘The Thing’ with Scientific introduction from Susan Withenshaw!

True science fiction: The Thing with scientific introduction

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Date: Wednesday 14th December 2016
Time: 6pm
Ticket price: £9 (+ £1.15 booking fee)
Location: FACT Cinema, Liverpool

Get together with scientists from across the UK and cult classic The Thing (1982), as the British Ecological Society invite you to be part of their programme of fringe events taking place at their Annual Meeting in Liverpool.

Dr Susan Withenshaw, a researcher in disease ecology at the University of Liverpool, will open the evening’s screening with an introduction to the real science influencing one of cinema’s most iconic sci-fi horrors.

The Thing follows pilot MacReady (Kurt Russel), Dr Copper (Richard Dysart) and their team stationed at a US Antarctic research station, as they investigate the cause of the destruction and massacre at a nearby Norwegian station. A gripping, high intensity journey follows, as the threat from an alien parasitic life form becomes rapidly realized.

Based on “Who Goes There?”, the 1938 novella by John W. Campbell Jr., The Thing takes inspiration from scientific fields including parasitology, epidemiology, behavioural ecology and microbiology.

A drinks reception will follow in the bar, with an opportunity to chat to Susan and other scientists from the University of Liverpool and across the UK.

This event is organized in collaboration with the BES Parasites and Pathogens Special Interest Group.

Limited spaces so don’t miss out!