Science Slam 2016

We are thrilled to announce Kirsten Parris as the winner with ‘Frog in an urban pond’.

The BES Science Slam 2016 was a fantastic success! Compèred by local comedian Sam Avery we had a brilliant night of ecology and comedy. Starring Russel the growling frog and the decimation of a chocolate log cake, we saw ecologists battle it out in an evening of poetry, seaweed and tractors.

Watch Kirsten’s performance here:


View videos of all our performers below:

Dr Mahasweta Saha, a marine ecologist of the University of Essex. Mahasweta, offered members of the audience sweets or chillies, to provide insights into ways that seaweed ‘garden’ bacteria.


Professor Rosie Woodroffe of the Zoological Society of London used dancing antelope, tractors and Hemingway to enact a real world conversation with a policy maker – and explain the concept of hypothesis testing.

Dr Moya Burns from the University of Leicester, encouraged audience members to battle it out by eating different parts of a chocolate log cake, demonstrating the different roles of organisms involved in decomposition.

Zac Baynham-Herd, from Edinburgh University,  performed a routine based on his experience of being a PhD student looking at conservation research and conflicts in protected areas, of Northern Tanzania.