Scottish Policy Group Pie and a Pint: Agri-environment in Scotland post Brexit

Join the BES Scottish Policy Group’s next Pie And A Pint event to discuss “Agri-environment in Scotland post Brexit”.

Ruth Mitchell

The BES Scottish Policy Group’s next Pie and a Pint event, which brings scientists and policymakers together for informal discussions, will take place on the 9th October in Summerhall, Edinburgh 4.30pm till 7.30pm. The event is free but registration is required so book your place.

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The next PAAP will focus on “Agri-environment in Scotland post Brexit”. We will hear brief introductory talks from Davy McCracken (Professor of Agricultural Ecology and Head of Hill & Mountain Research Centre at SRUC), Robin Pakeman (Ecological Researcher at the James Hutton Institute), Eleanor Harries (Policy Researcher at Confor), Richard Lockett (Lockett Agri-Environmental) and Susan Davies (Director of Conservation at Scottish Wildlife Trusts). This will help to get everyone thinking and stimulate the discussion for when we break out into groups to deliberate on the following questions:

  1. What agri-environment schemes have been successful in Scotland so far? What evidence is there for the positive or negative effects of different agri-environment schemes? Note this will be inclusive of AES in lowlands, uplands, arable and livestock farmlands.
  2. How can agri-environment schemes be best co-ordinated at a catchment (e.g. for natural flood alleviation and water quality) or landscape (e.g. improved landscape connectivity and buffered nature reserves) scale and by whom?
  3. Given agri-environment schemes tend to favour species that can survive under a land sharing scenario, what other land management options or initiatives are needed to benefit to species currently not being covered? E.g. rewilding, land sparing, woodland creation.
  4. What alternative sources of funding can help deliver public benefits – e.g. payment for ecosystem services, offsetting, natural capital accounting, tax relief?

The outputs from this PAAP discussion will feed into the BES Brexit Policy Working Group priority theme of sustainable land management. The working group is gathering evidence to inform the shape of a new system of agricultural support in the UK, including interventions and payments for the provision of public goods.

To help get the most out of this PAAP and to help inform the BES on this very important topic, please do have a think about the questions ahead of the event.