Workshop on Ecology and the National Climate Change Adaptation Programme

This workshop is your chance to contribute to the development of the next National Adaptation Programme; it is jointly organised by BES, Defra, Natural England and RSPB.

Climate Change Ecology

Climate change presents a wide range of risks to the natural environment and people. Reducing these risks needs action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it also needs adaptation: adjustment in natural and human systems to reduce harm and exploit and beneficial opportunities. The climate has already changed and will continue to change, even with the most optimistic scenarios for emissions reduction so adaptation is essential.

In the UK, the Climate Change Act (2008) requires the Government to produce a National Adaptation Programme (NAP). The first NAP was published in 2013 and the next is intended for 2018; 2017 will be the critical year for developing the NAP. Ecological science is an essential part of the evidence base for the NAP. Over the last 5 years, there have been significant advances in our understanding of climate change impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems and our understanding of the likely effectiveness of adaptation measures. We have also seen progress in implementing adaptation from which lessons can be learnt.
This meeting is organised in partnership between the British Ecological Society, Defra, Natural England and the RSPB with the following aims:

  • To review recent developments in the science of climate change impacts and adaptation and emerging understanding from practical experience
  • To draw together  key  messages from science and practice to inform adaptation priorities in the UK, as a contribution towards NAP2
  • To promote knowledge exchange between scientists, policy makers and practitioners

As part of the workshop programme we will hold two ‘new research results’ sessions where interested participants can give quick-fire 2 minute presentations on new results which have been published in the last 5 years. These presentations need to inform climate change adaptation decision making through helping to update our response and mitigation actions to address the risks highlighted by the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment (CCRA).  If you are interested in giving a 2 minute presentation or presenting a poster you can select the relevant option when registering for your place.