We're looking for helpers to take part in our Annual Meeting.

A group of about 20 of the Helpers joining together for a photo
Our incredible Helpers from the 2018 Annual Meeting in Birmingham

We’re looking for helpers to take part in our Annual Meeting. Being a helper gives you the opportunity to be involved with the Society behind the scenes – working with the venue, speakers, thematic topic organisers, and on various events taking place throughout the meeting. In return you get your registration fee reimbursed.

Please note, places are limited. If a high volume of applications are received, places will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

Helpers are expected to assist the conference staff 50% of time at the meeting (this does not include the conference dinner). You will be asked to pay 100% of the concession registration fee as a deposit, of which 50% will be refunded before the meeting if you are successful in being selected as a volunteer, and the remaining 50% after the meeting, subject to the Code of Conduct below.

Please note that these positions are primarily for students and retired members that wish to attend the meeting, however please do contact BES Events Assistant, Georgina Glaser, if you have any questions.

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please download the Code of Conduct for Volunteers below and read carefully. If you are happy with the Code of Conduct, please sign and upload the document when instructed on your online application form below.

Application Deadline: 17:00(BST), Wednesday 21 August
Notification if successful: 17:00(BST), Wednesday 18 September

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Testimonials from previous Helpers:

Mariann Biro:
Becoming a helper made me feel very proud, as I could give something back to this amazing organisation, while I could also listen to inspiring speakers, getting to know exciting projects – some of them completely cutting edge! I now have a sense of belonging to this vibrant community that brings all these people together with diverse ecological interests and pushes humanity forward.

Eline Susset:
In addition to attend lots of high-quality talks and plenaries and to meet wonderful people from many countries, I saw the event’s backstage and enjoyed meeting the AV staff, meeting new friends among the helpers and organizers, and discussing with the Chairs. It was also so great to be able to help many people (from students to senior researchers) and to see them gratefully smiling when they were provided information.