Programme & Presenter Guidelines

Find out about the programme for BES2019 and prepare for your presentation.

This December, we invite you to join us and over 1200 international ecologists in Belfast for Europe’s largest and most influential annual event dedicated to ecology.

You can download the meeting overview here, which outlines the timings for the conference.

Download the Session Overview, for the date, time, and location of all oral sessions and workshops.

Attendee Information

Our delegate instructions provide you with all the key information you need for the conference, so please take the time to read through these before travelling to Belfast.

Presenter Guidelines

If you are presenting a talk or poster at our 2019 Annual Meeting, you will receive the date and time of your presentation by Friday 8 November.

Guidelines for both oral and poster presentations can be downloaded below. Please read through all instructions carefully before the meeting to ensure your presentation is prepared correctly.


Oral Presentation Guidelines

Lightning Presentation Guidelines


Poster Presentation Guidelines

Election period guidance

The British Ecological Society is a registered charity and this means we must abide by UK law in the ‘Lobbying Act’. During the election period, this includes asking speakers at our events to avoid saying anything that might influence voters to vote for or against:

  • One or more political parties
  • Specific candidates
  • Categories of candidate, e.g. male or female, privately educated, etc.

This is very unlikely to affect you, but if you are unsure please feel free to contact the BES Policy Manager, Brendan Costelloe, or speak to any member of BES staff at the Annual Meeting, who can help you get an answer.