Abstract Submission

We are inviting submissions for short talks and posters for the Norway part of #TREELINE18


We are inviting submissions for short talks (5 – 10 min.) for the following sessions:

  1. Treeline dynamics: on aspects of biodiversity such as invertebrates or birds, and on the impact of different land uses
  2. Consequences of treeline movement: for other biodiversity, for example alpine plant communities or invertebrates, or ecosystem services such as hydrology
  3. Conservation considerations: on practical experience of achieving expansion of either treeline or montane scrub, or of restraining expansion to protect other vegetation

Submissions will be welcomed from students and researchers, or practitioners for session 3.  Consideration will be given to original data, or review, talks and there will be an opportunity to submit a corresponding paper to a special issue of Journal of Applied Ecology.


We are inviting submissions for posters providing new information on any aspect of the topic of the meeting, including the biodiversity, ecosystem function, ecosystem services and dynamics of treelines and associated vegetation, as well as the role of land use and rural policy in their condition and conservation interest.

To Apply

Please download and complete the form below and send to Amy Everard by 17:00 (BST), Friday 27 July.