Gratis Book Scheme

The purpose of this scheme is to spread ecological knowledge as widely as possible.

Britisih Ecological Society image of marine biologists

We aim to provide ecology and conservation books to those from outside Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand who would otherwise be unable to obtain them.

This scheme is a collaboration with NHBS Gratis Books (who co-ordinate and organise the distribution), the publishers (Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Wiley-Blackwell), and authors of the books (who provide the books for free).

The first title to be distributed under the Gratis Books Scheme was Professor William J Sutherland’s Conservation Handbook. Over 3,000 copies have been donated. The number of recipients per country can be viewed on the NHBS website.

Unfortunately, gratis books are not currently available to students doing degrees in Western Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

We thoroughly welcome offers for other books to distribute. Please contact Hazel Norman, our Chief Executive.