Connecting ecologists with other disciplines grants

Promoting interdisciplinary skills by funding up to £20k towards placements in different disciplines and sectors

Bird of prey and cow both looking at a lake scene

Interdisciplinary science is fundamental to improve our understanding of the world. Most real-world problems require more than one discipline to make progress, yet we are still too siloed in our training & career development.

Our new Connecting Ecologists with Other Disciplines grants, launching in 2024, will give ecologists a taste for such collaboration by funding a placement in an interdisciplinary area or new-to-them sector for up to three months.

The essence of this programme is to immerse an ecologist in another professional world where ecology can make a difference.

What this grant supports

By providing an immersive experience of interdisciplinary collaboration, this new grant will demonstrate the value of ecology in solving real-world problems.

This grant will foster relationships between disciplines and sectors. It offers successful individuals the chance to build key skills and offers the recipient organisation a deeper understanding of what ecological science has to offer.

Who can apply

We will fund between £5k–£20k for successful applicants’ time to be released from their current organisation for a placement of up to three months.

Individuals’ experiences could include time spent within another discipline, at an NGO or charity, or within a public sector organisation or a business.


This is a new grant scheme in development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

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