Long-term research grants

Supporting the launch of new long-term studies by funding up to £500 per year for a decade of data collection

Long-term studies are fundamental to understanding many ecological issues. Currently it’s hard to get funding for more than a few years for studies that would benefit from repeated surveys over longer time frames.

Our new Long-Term Research grants, launching in 2024, will provide an opportunity for researchers to collect data over a decade for invaluable research underpinning ecological restoration, habitat creation, control of alien species, climate change and more.

What this grant supports

This grant will provide a small amount of funding each year for 10 years to enable ecological studies anywhere in the world to start collecting data over the long term.

It will fund the annual cost of a few days’ data gathering over a long period of time.

Who can apply

These grants will support the economic feasibility of long-term research projects with £250-£500 per year to cover the costs of travel and subsistence for a few days of data collection each year.

This funding will be available to successful applicants every year for 10 years to launch projects based anywhere in the world.


This is a new grant scheme in development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

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