Outreach and engagement grants

Providing funding of up to £2,000 for individuals, teams and organisations to engage public audiences with the excitement of ecological science

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Public engagement and science communication projects are vital for raising awareness, understanding of, and interest in the importance of ecological science.

Our new Outreach and Engagement Grants scheme, launching in 2024, will merge our existing Outreach grant and Inspiring Ecology Fund to provide BES members with the financial support needed for delivering such activities.

What this grant supports

The grant will support independent outreach, public engagement and science communication activities.

We will support projects that:

  • Increase public understanding of, and engagement with, ecology
  • Stimulate discussion about ecology and its implications for society
  • Inspire and enthuse people of all ages about the science of ecology, especially those not previously interested
  • Develop skills in communicating the science of ecology

Grants will not be awarded for purely nature conservation purposes or any activity that does not promote the science of ecology.

Who can apply

This grant will provide up to £2,000 to individuals, teams and organisations to deliver outreach and engagement activities.

It will be open to BES members and teams and organisations with a BES member leading the application.


This is a new grant scheme in development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

Please see our Outreach and Inspiring Ecology Fund for funding opportunities before then.

Changes to our Grants FOR 2024