Pedagogical research and development grants

Improving the education of future generations of ecologists by providing up to £5k towards evidence-based learning

British Ecological Society Ecology Research Grants Pedagogical Learning and Teaching

Educating the next generation of scientists, researchers and practitioners is an essential yet underfunded vocation. While there are currently grants aimed at outreach to schools, there are no initiatives that support research on effective teaching, particularly at higher levels of education.

Our new Pedagogical Research and Development grants, launching in 2024, are aimed at our members involved in education and look to improve learning, teaching, and assessment methods in the field of ecology.

What this grant supports

The grant will facilitate research informing teaching and learning practices which improve the experience of students, while promoting excellence in teaching.

The grant scheme will support staff in developing high-quality, evidence-informed education, and help to develop educational strands of careers.

Who can apply

We will fund a maximum of £5,000 towards research promoting innovative and effective teaching, learning and assessment.

The grant is aimed at those involved in teaching ecology at any level (i.e. from primary to postgraduate) within formal (e.g. schools and universities) or informal (e.g. ecology centres and freelance educators) educational settings.

The grant is available everywhere, it not restricted to the UK system. It will not support outreach in schools.


This is a new grant scheme in development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

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