Synthesis grants

Fast-tracking innovative and impactful research by contributing £30k towards the formation of new two-year synthesis groups

British Ecological Society Ecology Research Grants Synthesis

Synthesis is a growing method of scientific research where scientists garner new knowledge and insights from existing data, using a hypothesis and question-led approach.

Our new Synthesis grants, launching in 2024, will assist the formation of working groups made up of 8-15 individuals from a mix of career stages, institutions and backgrounds.

What this grant supports

This new grant will bring together diverse interdisciplinary groups to focus on data analysis and synthesis, while also fostering collaboration and mentoring opportunities.

Networks are encouraged across universities, NGOs, industry and government departments, and groups should include a mix of career stages.

The BES Synthesis Grant will provide £30k in funding over two years but every effort should be made to ensure long-lasting connections and networks are established far beyond the projects funded length.

Who can apply

We will fund a maximum of £30k over two years towards ecology-focused synthesis groups. Two awards will be made each year.

Prospective groups, of 8-15 individuals, should include a diverse mix of career stages and backgrounds to encourage mentoring opportunities for early-career ecologists. We ask that working groups are not formed entirely of members from academic institutions.


This is a new grant scheme in development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

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