Mentoring Programmes

We offer a number of mentoring programmes and provide a safe, confidential environment for individuals to explore work, career and personal issues.

why mentoring

Mentor the mentors

All our mentoring programmes are dependant on mentors stepping forward and offering their time and expertise and it often surprises how many great people we meet who think they’re not yet experienced enough to mentor anyone else.  Anyone can be a mentor  as there is always someone with less experience seeking a little support and guidance but we realise becoming, and being, a mentor also takes time and support.  Our Mentor the Mentors scheme supports new mentors with training, with good practice and someone to talk to about the challenges and questions they have in their own mentoring relationships.

Apply to Mentor Training:  Details will be available shortly but in the meantime you can register your interest by emailing Karen Devine.

Peer group mentoring

Sometimes, its useful to meet and have a peer group in similar circumstances, with similar experiences and day to day worries who can share what is and isn’t working for them  We offer small peer group mentoring for specific priority areas with two mentors supporting the group.  Peer groups agree how they would like to operate and communicate between themselves but all will offer a series of webinars and online meeting opportunities.  Further details will follow shortly but our existing groups include

  • LGBT+
  • Disabled researchers and students
  • Returners to work

Please do get in touch with Karen Devine if you would like to be a mentor or group member and have suggestions for groups you would like to be a part of or think would support the community.

Women in Ecology Mentoring Scheme

We have run a mentoring scheme for women in ecology since 2009. Mentors provide professional support to mentees with everything from a change of career, moving to a lectureship from post-doctoral research or balancing work with family life.

Who can apply?

Mentees must be women BES members, who have completed a Bachelor’s degree.

Mentors must be BES members with more than five years work experience in any sector of relevance to ecology.

This scheme is international and applicants can be based anyone in the world.

Mentoring pairs will be introduced by email and invited to a training day which will take place in early November. It is not essential you attend the training day as all materials will be made available, but it is recommended to get the most out of the scheme.

For more information on what is expected from mentors and mentees, please read the Guide to the BES Women In Ecology Mentoring Scheme

How to apply?

Complete the following survey by Tuesday 23rd October, 9am:

All responses will be treated with complete confidence.

Feedback from participants

A mentor says: “Two mentees have now got permanent jobs – I was able to offer specific advice on interview techniques and applications, which I hope was helpful. Also was able to offer advice on a range of other issues that arose.”

A mentee says: “The main benefit is support, and also to get the chance to discuss and plan my career. Otherwise you spend much time doing work, but not thinking about what you want to do later on, and how to get there.”