Careers Conferences

Credit: Erin Johnston

BES Undergraduate Careers Conference

The Undergraduate Careers Conference takes place at varying locations across the UK each year. The aim of the event is to both inform and excite students about the career choices available to them in ecology. The Conference attracts around 80 undergraduates, recent graduates and some postgraduates.

Each year a number of undergraduate students are recruited to assist in organising the conference, helping to confirm the programme, speakers and promote ticket sales.

In 2021 the Undergraduate Careers Conference will be moving online. Further details to follow.


The 2020 Undergraduate Careers Conference took place on Wednesday 5th February 2020, in the Department of Environmental and Geography, University of York

You can see the programme for the conference here. As well as finding out about the different ecological careers available, you will receive advice on how to pursue such careers and you will have the chance to participate in workshops related to these job roles.

Please do get in touch if you would like to get involved in future careers conferences.


The 2019 Undergraduate Careers Conference took place on Wednesday 20th February 2019 in the Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh. It was a sell-out event, attracting over 60 students from across Scotland and beyond. Delegates received advice and inspiration from a variety of speakers representing a breadth of sectors including science communication, policy and research.

Student testimonials:

“A thought provoking event with exposure to a variety of career opportunities.”

“Inspiring talks with useful information for my future.”

Bioscience Careers Day

The Royal Society of Biology Bioscience Careers Day takes place each year for approximately 400 students from across the UK. It is coordinated by the Royal Society of Biology along with the Careers Committee.

A Bioscience Careers Day took place online in November 2020.

How can we support your careers event?

The BES are able to supply careers resources and materials for individual careers conferences throughout the year. We are also able to provide speakers for your own careers conference if there is availability. If you are running a careers conference and would like the BES to have some input please get in touch with Amy Padfield, Education and Engagement Manager.