Women in Ecology Mentoring Scheme

Our mentoring scheme for Women in Ecology has been running since 2009, with over 150 members since participating in this valuable programme. With our guidance, mentors provide professional support to mentees in areas including career changes, work-life balance and career development opportunities. Our mentoring scheme is international; applicants can be based anywhere in the world.

A previous mentor-mentee pair: Manuela Gonzalez-Suarez and Isabella Mandl

Who are our mentors?

Our mentors range from PhD students to lecturers, professors and consultants. If you feel you could make a commitment to offering guidance and advice to someone else, we welcome your application. You must be a BES member.

Each year, we receive more applications from mentees than we do mentors. If you are thinking about becoming a mentor but aren’t quite sure if you are ready or not, we encourage you to consider the benefits that taking on this role can have for your own career.

“I wasn’t really sure if I would be a suitable mentor; as I approached the end of my PhD and was assessing my next move, however, I thought about how mentoring someone else could also benefit me. Working in both industry and academia has allowed me to develop a wide range of skills and I wanted to pass on information to others about how to gain these skills. The scheme has benefited me by providing me with the opportunity to think about my own career path and where I want to go next; I’d also like to be more involved with teaching and mentoring in the future.” Mentor, 2018/19 scheme.

Who are our mentees?

As with our mentors, our mentees are from a wide range of career stages. From recent graduates and PhD students to those in more senior roles, our mentors are typically looking for career support and general advice. If you feel you would benefit from someone helping you work towards your goals over a 6-12 month period, please do apply. You must be a female BES member, who has completed a Bachelor’s degree.

“As an early PhD student, the scheme has provided me with valuable external support and encouragement. The scheme is flexible for both mentor and mentee but with clear guidelines and exercises. I do highly recommend this scheme to anyone that wants to reinforce their self-confidence and increase their scientific networking.” Mentee, 2018/19 scheme.

How does it work and what do we provide?

Applications for our 2019/20 scheme have now closed.

You will have been matched with your mentor or mentee using the information provided in your application form and introduced to one another, via email, in October.

A training day will be took place 14th November 2019, at our office in London. If you are based outside of the UK, you will have received training materials so that you are able to access the same content.

Once you have completed the training, whether in person or remotely, you will be ready to get your mentoring programme underway. You are expected to make a commitment of at least 6 months; we will provide you with the support and information that you need to plan and structure your first 6 meetings. Throughout the scheme, and up to 12 months after you begin, we will be on hand to provide you with any additional support that you may need.

For more information, please read the Guide to the BES Women In Ecology Mentoring Scheme or email Amy Padfield.