Music Festivals

We take the excitement of ecology to music festivals!

Glastonbury | 21–25 June, 2017

We are thrilled that five of our members, including researchers from Lancaster University, the James Hutton Institute and Oxford University will be engaging the environmentally savvy crowds at Glastonbury with ecology.

With Emma Sayer leading the team, a lot of hard work has gone into developing activities that are bigger and better than last year. From a ‘test your strength’ high striker demonstrating soil compaction, to ‘pick-a-pollinator’ games of hook-a-duck demonstrating pollinator diversity, there will be something for everyone.

Festival goers will also have the chance to glimpse life below-ground thanks to a worm peep show, that makes use of blackout curtains and layers of glow-in-the-dark sand! So if you’re looking for something fun to do at Glastonbury, head to the Green Futures field and check out the stall. Tweet us @BESRoadies #FestivalBug and check out the blog here.

Wychwood | 2

We were excited to return once again to Wychwood music festival, a fantastic, family friendly event, perfect for inducting new Roadies.

Having completed the training and developed new busks, nine of our members, led by experienced Roadie Nicholas Loughlin, jumped at the chance to take ecology to Wychwood. Bringing the self explanatory ‘Pollinator Top Trumps’ and a sexual selection themed game of snakes and ladders called ‘The Power of Love’ to festival goers.

The main stage at Wychwood at night

Working in teams of three and mixing playing games with conversations about their research, our Roadies had a fantastic time. Team work and co-operation were key to the event being a success, as was relaxing at the end of the day listening to live music or watching Bill Bailey.

How to get involved

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