We provide funds of up to £1000, to members who want to undertake public engagement activities within the UK.

Member Phil Donkersley engaging with a festival goer.

We want our members to to think creatively about their research and take part in activities that promote ecology to the wider public.

By providing funds of up to £1000 for activities that communicate ecology to public groups, we hope to remove one of the barriers preventing researchers from engaging diverse audiences with their science. This can include digital events such as livestreams and podcasts.

  • Activities must be planned to take place within the UK
  • Activities must be led by a member of the BES (find out how you can become a member here)

For further information, please download and read our Regional-PE-Funding_Guidance document. To apply for funding, please download and complete our Regional_PE_Funding_Application_2018.

We also provide Outreach Grants of up to £2000 for activities that promote ecological science to public groups. Applications are open to non-members and for outreach activities worldwide. To find out more please visit our Outreach Grants page.

Public Engagement resources

As part of out Public Engagement Training Programme, we develop fun games that engage individuals with ecology. These are short, entertaining activities that help initiate a conversation about the natural world and enable individuals to share their ecological knowledge and insights.

Activities include the infamous ‘Poo Game’, along with Pollinator Top Trumps, Eco-Pairs, Mosquito Jenga and many more. These games can be booked out by members for use at public-facing events, so please get in touch with Chris to find out how you can take these activities to an event near you.