Bushra Abu-Helil

I take the opportunity to discuss and take action against racial inequalities and ethnic disparities

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Vice ChairAgriculture, Poultry, Welfare, Microbiology, Immunology, Environment

PhD Zoology student at Quadram Institute Biosciences, University of East Anglia

Chickens have been my passion since I first got an incubator at the start of high school. Starting my PhD with poultry felt like destiny but they are not my only focus. I am an all-round animal lover!

I am passionate about the One Health initiative, leading to my publications in comparative oncology. I additionally volunteer to monitor the local native animal population in the Norfolk fenlands.

As well as my studies and volunteering, I independently research, script and host Nature+Nonsense, a weekly live two-hour radio show on More Muzic Radio, focused on sharing wildlife and environment news, community opportunities and conservation successes from around the world.

I always say, “be the change you want to see” and the REED Ecological Network allows me to do just that. I feel empowered and seen.

As Vice Chair of the REED Ecological Network, I take the opportunity to discuss and take action against the racial inequalities and ethnic disparities within natural science and agriculture using various platforms, including podcasts and webcast interviews.

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Twitter: @bushyb94
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