Connor Sullivan

I've long been aware of the disconnect from nature within the communities I grew up in

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Communications OfficerZoology, Conservation, Urban Ecology, Community Engagement, Communication

Ecology, Evolution & Conservation Graduate (Imperial College London)

I’m a recent graduate in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (MSc) from Imperial College, where I investigated the spatial and temporal dynamics of the amphibian chytrid fungus, specifically in Ecuador.

My project stemmed from my interests in herpetology, conservation and experiences in Ecuador during my Zoology BSc at the University of Sussex. I’m now pursuing a PhD and a career in ecology and conservation.

When I returned home (London, Hackney) from Sussex, I knew of the low diversity within my field of study. I was also long aware of the disconnect from nature within the communities I grew up in.

I’m now keen to engage such communities with nature, for all the beauty and benefits it has to offer. In doing so I hope to contribute to making ecology a more diverse and inclusive space.

I’ve been involved with the REED Ecological Network since the first initial meeting. Since then, I’ve been able to meet many amazing people and been presented with ample opportunities for personal and career development.

As the communications officer, I have helped a lot in the logo development, set up and design of the current webpages, social media channels and their management. If any members are interested in contributing to our comms, please get in touch!

LinkedIn: Connor Sullivan
Instagram: viewsof_cjs/ cjs_1937