The Macroecology Group provide a forum to unite researchers who work in, or are influenced by macroecology.


Chair: Natalie Cooper
Social media: Twitter, Facebook


The Macroecology Group provides a forum to unite researchers working at the macro-scale. The group are interested in the strengths and limitations of integrating concepts, questions and data across taxonomic, spatial and temporal scales, and the links among the disciplines of macroecology, macroevolution, palaeontology, conservation and others.

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  • Facilitate inter-disciplinary collaboration and showcase methodological advances.
  • Promote a more open, inclusive, kinder approach to science.
  • Support early-career researchers.

Meetings and Events

Information about all upcoming events can be found on the Events page.

Committee members

  • Natalie Cooper (Chair)
  • Kilian Murphy (Social media rep)
  • Rosie Sheward (Social media rep)
  • Jessica Haghkerdar (EDI rep)
  • Aelys Humphreys (International rep)
  • Ceres Barros (International rep)
  • Arthur Magalhaes (International rep)
  • Leo Ohyama (ECR rep – PhD)
  • Tom Bishop (Treasurer)
  • Bethany Allen
  • Brian McGill
  • Thomas Guillerme
  • Reginaldo Gusmão
  • Joseph Bailey
  • Manuela Gonzalez Suarez
  • Alex Slavenko
  • Kevin Healy
  • Lesley Lancaster