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Nature-based Solutions for Climate Change in the UK: A Report by the British Ecological Society

Edited by Rick Stafford, Bethany Chamberlain, Laura Clavey, Phillipa Gillingham, Sarah McKain, Mike Morecroft, Camilla Morrison-Bell and Olly Watts

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  • Foreword
  • Executive summary
  • Introduction

Section 1: Habitat specific nature-based solutions: a review of the available evidence

  • Chapter 1: Woodlands
  • Chapter 2: Heathlands
  • Chapter 3: Peatlands
  • Chapter 4: Grasslands
  • Chapter 5: Arable systems
  • Chapter 6: Freshwater systems
  • Chapter 7: Coastal and marine systems
  • Chapter 8: Built environment

Section 2: Effective implementation and delivery of nature-based solutions

  • Chapter 9: Embedding nature-based solutions in strategic spatial planning
  • Chapter 10: Delivering nature-based solutions
  • Chapter 11: Economic valuation and investment options for implementing nature-based solutions


  • 1. Table of chapter summaries and recommendations
  • 2. Research gaps identified in the report
  • Acknowledgements

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