What are nature-based solutions?

Nature can be our ally in responding to the twin crises of biodiversity loss and climate change.

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Nature-based solutions

‘Nature-based solutions’ seek to protect or enhance nature in a way that helps tackle climate change and other challenges, while benefitting biodiversity and improving human wellbeing.

A wide variety of nature-based solutions, such as tree planting, peatland restoration and coastal salt marshes, have the potential to help.

Nature-based solutions typically result in thriving ecosystems that store more carbon, helping meet carbon-reduction targets while providing homes for a greater diversity of plants and animals. They can also help reduce flood risk or provide much-needed shade as temperatures rise.

Understanding the potential of nature-based solutions in different locations depends on a variety of factors, including habitat condition, how fast carbon is sequestered and the management of that land. There are inevitable trade-offs to consider, as well as the policy landscape and financing opportunities.

The British Ecological Society report offers a complete and authoritative assessment of the potential of nature-based solutions in the UK.

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Using nature to find solutions to human problems

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