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We are committed to making the best scientific evidence accessible to decision-makers. However, policymaking processes are rarely straightforward, and scientists can struggle to know when and how to effectively communicate their knowledge.

Our Policy Guides provide an accessible resource on legislative and policy formulation processes across the UK and internationally, as well as targeted information on topical policies. We aim to improve communication between members and policymakers, increase the impact of ecological research and support evidence-informed policymaking.

Policy Guides consist of Core Guides (stand-alone publications providing explanations of key institutions and processes) and Focus Guides (Shorter notes focusing on upcoming legislative issues) . We are also conducting a series of Policy Guide Interviews with scientists and policymakers, available here. In a recent Policy Guide Interview, Dr Alice Milner discusses engaging with policymakers.

Policy Guide content is developed by members, supported by staff and experts from the relevant fields. The Policy Guides offer opportunities for scientists to develop their policy knowledge and communication skills whilst extending links with policymakers. The guides also undergo a robust review process to ensure clarity, neutrality, quality and consistency.

We are always looking for BES members to contribute to Policy Guides. Contact Camilla Morrison-Bell, Policy Manager to get involved, or download more information below.