Natural capital

We are a partner in the Natural Capital Initiative, supporting decision-making for the sustainable use of our natural capital.

British Ecological Society image of rive and trees

Natural Capital Initiative

The Natural Capital Initiative (NCI) is a partnership between the British Ecological Society, Royal Society of Biology, Centre for Ecology & Hydrology and the James Hutton Institute.

NCI uses the scientific expertise of our members to support decision-making that results in the sustainable management of our natural capital. It does this by:

  • Initiating and facilitating dialogue between people from academia, policy, business and civil society who make or influence decisions to find shared solutions and approaches
  • Communicating independent, authoritative synthesis and evaluation of the scientific evidence base.

NCI organises a series of workshops and events; for further details, reports and recommendations, please see the NCI website and blog.

The Valuing our life support systems summit

What is natural capital? 

Natural capital refers to the stocks of natural resources that produce benefits for people, both living (such as forests, or fish stocks), and non-living (such as minerals).

The environment underpins our economic prosperity and human wellbeing, but is consistently undervalued. A natural capital approach seeks to recognise and account for this value.