Legislative Scans

Our annual legislative scan looks to the year ahead and previews forthcoming legislation and expected policy developments that are likely to have consequences for the environment and ecologists.

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What We Do…

We consider global developments, issues in the European Union, and those in both the UK and its constituent countries. The annual scan is co-ordinated by a team led by our Past President, Bill Sutherland.


Legislative Scan 2012

January 2012

(79 KB pdf)

By William J. Sutherland, Andy Clements, Anne-Marie McDevitt, Martin Harper, Peter Herkenrath, Stewart Prichard, Ceri Margerison, Kathryn A. Monk and Des B.A. Thompson.

Download Legislative Scan 2012 pdf

Legislative Scan 2011

January 2011

(263 KB pdf)

By William J. Sutherland, Richard Barlow, Andy Clements, Martin Harper, Peter Herkenrath, Ceri Margerison, Kathryn A. Monk, James A. Robinson and Des B.A.Thompson.

Download Legislative Scan 2011 pdf